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Project Bakeover

Season One - Episode 6: Home Baker to Homerun. In 2020 we were given the opportunity to be a part of a new series on Food Network Canada. We didn't know what to expect but the team for this show had the greatest impact on our lives and for that we are forever grateful. Thank you to Food Network Canada and Project Bakeover for making my Food Network dreams come true and blessing us with your presence. Check out our esteemed hosts and featured desserts below. 


Tiffany Pratt & Chef Steve Hodge

Design guru Tiffany Pratt and renowned Chef Steve Hodge were an absolute blessing for our little bakery. Tiffany emulated her unquestionable energy and knack for colour and  design to transform Mecairo's Cake Co. into a welcoming artistic atmosphere. Chef Steve, although at first very intimidating, is one of my greatest mentors thus far. His undeniable knowledge of confections and business has changed our approach to baking for the better.  Together, the duo was exactly what we needed - a recipe for success. 

Mecairo Minis

One word to describe this delectable Chef Steve Hodge creation? Genius! On our episode, Chef Steve gave us pivotal advice to elevate our recipe and then showed us how to turn some of our best flavours into cake bars enrobed in a thin coat of tempered chocolate. He termed these showstoppers "Mecairo Minis" and our little Mecairo was thrilled with the name choice. The original is a layer of vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate sponge, filled with smooth cream cheese buttercream then covered in dark chocolate and crushed peanuts. It's called the Trifecta and is available regularly. We rotate other popular choices to our menu also. 

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Cheesecake Parfaits

Our classic cheesecake impressed Chef Steve Hodge. He elevated our recipe by introducing us to a deconstructed version that we now serve in individual portion cups. These parfaits are rich, creamy, and definitely next level. Felicia's personal favourite is Pineapple Oreo. Project Bakeover's featured Key Lime has also been a fan favourite. Both are available regularly and we add more options to the menu seasonally. 

Chocolate Bon Bons

Chocolate bon bons have always been something to be admired by their artistic beauty, bold colours and delicate designs. Chef Steve Hodge introduced us to tempering chocolate, working with cocoa butters, polycarbonate molds, and professional techniques to create these gorgeous and extremely tasty bite size treats. Although we enjoyed experimenting with different flavour combinations, unfortunately they were not a great seller in our shop - mainly due to lack of recognition. Therefore, we've decided not to make them a regular item but plan to bring them back occasionally. 

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