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For as long as I can remember, I was the kid who would find a way to make art out of anything. I recall days of making stained glass tiles out of wet paper towels and markers - probably a method I saw on Art Attack, a childhood favourite. When I finally got my first Easy-Bake oven, I used it so much that my brother was changing bulbs for me on a regular basis. When my Mother began letting me have access to the kitchen, I could not be stopped. I tried to incorporate cupcakes into every school project and earned my place as the 'head' baker of my mother's catering company before I had even turned 13. 

At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma - a type of cancer - and I was treated as an inpatient at The Hospital For Sick Children. I basically lived in the hospital for 9 months with my mother at my side the entire time. This is where my passion for cake as art truly began. I would stay up, fighting sleep, to watch episodes of Cake Boss and The Food Network Challenge. When I completed my treatment and went into remission, I began to experiment and found that decorating cakes was not only something I liked to watch but something I liked to do. 

In baking and decorating cakes and other desserts, I'm truly doing something I love to do as a career. I am honoured to be able to have a welcoming space to create and share with my community. I hope that Mecairo's Cake Co. will continue to provide parties of all calibers with an outlook on what cakes of the 21st century have to offer. We specialize in custom ordered cakes that not only look fantastic, but actually taste good too. We are dedicated to 100% Excellence in all of our products and of course, our customer service too. 

As one of five children from a family who would literally do anything for each other, I thoroughly understand the importance of caring for others and building solid bonds. I take pride in the values I've learned over the years and bring those same great values to Mecairo's Cake Co. At Mecairo's Cake Co., we realize that without a strong foundation, there is no hope for the future of this company.  Our customers are the foundation.  We recognize each client as an individual with their own unique and creative mind and do our best to bring their internal visual ideas to life. We look forward to bringing new and exciting designs and flavours to our clients for many years to come. 

- Felicia

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